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2017 Topps Star Wars 40th Anniversary Hobby Box

2017 Topps Star Wars 40th Anniversary Hobby Box

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Configuration: 24 packs per box. 8 cards per pack.

Box Break
Each Hobby Box contains 2 Hits!
- Autograph Cards
- Sketch Cards
- Printing Plates
- Medallions
- Buyback Hits


An all-new set celebrating 40 years of Star Wars!

For long-time collectors and new fans alike

200 cards spanning all aspects of the Star Wars galaxy, including the Greatest Movie Moments, History of Star Wars, Behind the Scenes, and The Saga Timeline.

- Green - 1 per pack
- Blue - 1:4 packs
- Purple - #'d to 100
- Gold - #'d to 40 (HOBBY ONLY)
- Red - #'d 1 of 1 (HOBBY ONLY)
- Printing Plates - #'d 1 of 1

Base Cards (200) 
Also includes Poster Art from across the globe, 40 years of Star Wars Illustrations from leading artists such as Ralph McQuarrie and Olly Moss, and much more!

Cards will feature autographs of over 30 subjects from across the Star Wars saga.

- Purple - #'d to 40
- Gold - #'d to 10 (HOBBY ONLY)
- Red - #'d 1 of 1 (HOBBY ONLY)
- Printing Plate - #'d 1 of 1 (4 EACH)

Dual Autographs - #'d to 3 (HOBBY ONLY)
Triple Autographs - #'d to 3 (HOBBY ONLY)
Quad Autograph Book Card - #'d to 2 (HOBBY ONLY)
6-Person Autograph Book Card - #'d to 2 (HOBBY ONLY)

Metal replicas of two of the most iconic objects to travel through deep space, the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star, are embedded on cards highlighting some of the most recognizable characters from the Saga.

- Blue - #'d to 199
- Purple - #'d to 99
- Gold - #'d to 25
- Red - #'d to 10

Autographed Medallion Cards
- #'d to 10


Sketch Cards 
Leading artists lend their artistic talents to create unique artwork directly on card, featuring memorable characters,creatures, and scenes from Star Wars: A New Hope.

Buyback Hits 
Some of the most collectible autographs and relics have been compiled to be included in this retrospective set.