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NorCal Hobby Shop is Buying Lots (Football, Basketball & Baseball)

*Buying prices updated as of April 28, 2020 at 11:00am PST

Hello everyone!

We are buying new inventory from time to time. Just depends on what you have. Check out our lot buying criterita below. If you have anything you're looking to sell and you agree with our criteria below, please send us an email at or send us a Direct Message on our Instagram Page @NorCalHobbyShop - Thanks! - Ram at NorCal Hobby Shop

Shipping: Shipping is your responsibility unless the lot is a pretty good sized lot then we can arrange to discuss shipping. 

Low-Mid End Game Used/Player Worn/Event Worn and Autos and Jersey/Patch Auto cards.
Football, Basketball & Baseball: Paying .50 cents each

- Only years 2008 to - Present (no 2007 or prior unless agreed upon)
- Pro uniforms only. On certain conditions, most college unfiroms (Contenders Draft, Prizm Draft and some Leaf Products are ok. Please message me beforehand. Thanks!) - No SAGE or HIT brands unless the players are stars.

Serial Numbered Cards.
Football, Basketball & Baseball: Paying .10 cents each
- Only looking for cards /1999 or lower. 
- Cards must be from 2009 to present. (I'm open to paying less for pre-2009 cards)

Autos, Memorablia Cards, Patches, Rookie Patch Autos, Rookie Jersey Autos & Jersey Autos.
Football, Basketball & Baseball:
- Paying up to 65% of average from last 3-5 eBay sales on mid level star players.
- Paying up to 75% of eBay on Superstars depending on the player. Superstars I will pay closer to 70-75%, but it depends on the player.

Inserts, Non numbered Parallels, Non numbered Refractors & Non numbered Prizm Parallels

- Paying .03 cents each.

Superstar Base Cards
- Paying .02 cents each for Superstars in the NFL, MLB & NBA only.
(Examples of superstar players are Tom Brady, Steph Curry, Bryce Harper, etc.)

               (Example of a lot we recently acquired with the above criteria.)